Monday February 19 , 2018


Adam Elliot
Incredible stop-motion shorts.  Just completed his first feature-length film "Mary and Max." It's wonderful.

Errol Morris
Yes he's a great documentarian, but have you seen these Miller commercials?

Douglas Bowman
Web Designer
Wonderful, simple designer.  You've probably seen his stuff all over and don't know it. Now Twitter's got him, hired on as their Creative Director in 2009.

Jeffrey Zeldman
Web Designer
Designing with Web Standards is an important book on current web design.

Hillman Curtis
Web Designer/Filmmaker
The guy who gave me the inspiration for adding a page of inspiration. Although he doesn't do this anymore.

Screen Novelties
Stop-motion Animation
My good friends at Screen Novelties do incredible work with Stop-Motion animation.

Wes Anderson
Not very familiar with his website, but love the movies.

David Sadaris
Naked is particularly wonderful.  If you come across any of his short stories, you're in for a great ride.

Spike Jonze
I like him as much for this Ikea commercial as for his movies.  Let me also add Charlie Kaufman to the list. And Donald.

Nick Hornby
Well, who doesn't like Nick Hornby?

Chip Kidd
Book Cover Designer
I love looking at book covers - this guy's the king.  Try summing up a story and selling a book in one image...

August Sander
I tried to keep this list to newer, notable people, so it will be a contained list.  But I was looking at his photos again for inspration when discussing “15 Stories” with DP Daniel Herman, and they’re mesmerizing.

Freaks and Geeks
TV Show
The one-season TV show that defines Judd Apatow and many of the best guys out there right now. Loose, natural, genuinely funny.

Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor
Election, About Schmidt, and Sideways.  Not too shabby.

New Yorker Cartoon Contest
Magazine Contest
I want to win this.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet
I haven't heard comparisons with Wes Anderson, but Mr. Anderson got a lot from him.  Look at the opening scene from Amelie and compare to the opening of The Royal Tenebaums.

Dave Barry
Don’t let the really stupid book covers and bad design fool you, he actually is very funny.

Woody Allen
The guy is STILL making a movie a year.  They are not all good, but some STILL are. Incredible.  Watched Mighty Aphrodite again recently, I think that movie had 1 long shot per scene.  If anyone knows if this is right, please let me know.

Roger Ebert
Whether you agree or not, his reviews will almost always bring a new insight into the movie.

Noah Baubaum
When I read the Squid and the Whale, I thought it was one of the best scripts I’ve seen.  Deceptively simple, fast-paced, very funny, squeamish drama.  Was very curious how he was going to handle the movie.  Loved it.  Also regularly contributes to the New Yorker.

Cameron Crowe
Born in my home town, Palm Springs.

Coen Brothers
Another easy, popular choice.  But I'm so glad these guys get to make movies.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Bad Boys
Yeah, you read that right. Also add Larry David.  And all guys that are still 12 despite their age.

Before I die, I hope I get a chance to work for Pixar.